A basic guide to understanding the different types of coats we sell

Most South Africans have already felt the chill in the air, which means that winter is here.



Are you, your family and friends ready for winter and do you know if the clothes you currently have will keep you snug and warm when the cold hits us?


Obviously, it is never a good idea to take a chance with the cold weather as no one likes to be caught unawares without sufficient clothing when it is cold, especially when there is a cold front.


Here at Coat Corner, we have the perfect winter solution for your entire family!


Coat Corner is the world’s biggest coat shop and shopping with us means several things. The first is that you can enjoy our vast selection of every coat or jacket available under the sun.


Our Variety Of Coats:


We stock an endless variety of gently worn coats in all colors, styles, and sizes and anything from Ladies half coats, anoraks/zippers, ski jackets, duffle coats, parkas, wind jackets, all-weather coats, vintage jackets, military jackets, to Labola coats, overcoats, Scottish coats, raincoats, imitation fur, suede and leather coats Denim and much more!


We have thousands to choose from.


Our prices are rock bottom too, meaning everyone can afford to keep warm this winter.


However, even though our prices are the best in the country, so is the quality of all our coats. Quite the contrary! We import all our coats directly from Europe and we make sure that we only import the best quality and most stylish gently used coats and jackets.


Because we buy and import our coats and jackets in such huge quantities, this means that we are able to buy them at very low prices.


Of course, because we value our customers, we pass this saving on to them so that they can wear excellent quality, gently worn coats and jackets at incredible prices.


Our stores in Kempton Park, Benoni and Springs are big and easy to get to, being within walking distance of the main taxi routes.


So, how do you choose which is the best coat for you and your family when there is so much variety? Well, firstly, you need to consider the needs of each person you are buying for.


For example, if you need to buy a jacket for your 4-year-old, you would need something that can easily be worn while they are playing but will also keep them warm outside.


An anorak would be ideal as it allows for plenty of movement, especially in a young and active person, but it will also keep them nice and warm.


Someone working outside a lot and security guards working the nightshift would do very well with a lined, full-length coat. This will keep their entire body warm, even in the coldest of temperatures.


Fashion-conscious teenagers and young people usually enjoy our denim, trench, military, imitation, leather and, vintage-style jackets. Of course, our coats come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and it is very easy to find something that a fussy person would be happy with.


Summer is not usually the time most people think is a good time to buy a jacket, but if you consider how much it rains in many parts of South Africa during the summer months, you would want to think twice about this.


In order not to get caught out in an unexpected rain shower, why not have a fashionable raincoat or all-weather coat to keep in your bag to help keep you dry? When folded up, the raincoats you can buy at Coat Corner do not take up much space at all and are easier to carry around than an umbrella - plus you will have a free hand as you won’t have to hold an umbrella!


Do you get up early to walk to your taxi rank in the mornings? In the evenings, you most probably also walk home from the taxi rank and, in the winter, it can get very cold. In these cases, we recommend one of our stylish padded zippers, parkas, or duffle coats.

Any of these coats will keep you warm while outdoors.


Depending on what you prefer, either would be suitable. A duffle coat is very popular with our male customers and goes nicely with anything you have in your wardrobe, while a zipper in your favorite color will brighten up those dark winter mornings.


Parkas look great on anyone in winter and look especially good when accessorised with matching scarves, gloves, and beanies.


Many of our customers consider a parka to be the ultimate, warm winter coat and for good reason! They are often waterproof on the outside and some offer a padded, inner section that will keep you warm on even the most freezing days.


Some parkas have a faux fur lining in the hood to keep your head and neck warm and look very trendy in winter.


If you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors but need a good winter jacket to keep you warm when you walk from the car, taxi or train and indoors, an overcoat is perfect. Best for those icy cold days when you need to keep your whole body warm.


Do you enjoy fashion and are you looking for a trendy coat this winter?


Take a look at some of our military jackets or vintage coats. These jackets have been imported directly from Europe and are of excellent quality. You can wear them to work, to a party, over the weekend and to a soccer game. These jackets will be the envy of your friends while, at the same time, keeping you nice and warm.


For those who are looking to invest in a good coat or jacket that can be worn year-round, we usually recommend our popular all-weather jackets. These jackets are incredibly versatile and will keep you warm on the coldest winter days, dry when it is raining, and will keep the wind away on windy days. They are also great for wearing when there is a slight chill in the air.


All-weather jackets normally consist of a warm, fleecy inner layer that you can wear when temperatures are really low. It usually has an outer, waterproof layer that keeps you dry.


Imitation leather and denim jackets are incredibly popular with all our customers and especially the younger ones. Although they offer less warmth than that of a parka or padded zipper, they can certainly keep you warm and look very stylish when worn with jeans, casual pants, or a long skirt.



When picking out a winter jacket, we at Coat Corner always recommend thinking about what you will be wearing the coat with.


For example, will you be wanting a coat that you can wear over several other layers of clothing? If so, try on the coat and make sure that there will be enough room for more layers underneath.


Colour is also a very important consideration for a winter jacket. Classic winter coats come in neutral colors, such as black, navy blue, dark blue, burgundy and camel. One of these colors is always a great option as they are more likely to go with what you already have in your wardrobe.


Jackets in bright colors (like yellows, pinks, and greens) can help you to make the fashion statement that you are dreaming of but we suggest thinking about what you will wear it with beforehand. For instance, if you choose a bright yellow jacket, do you have clothes that you can stylishly match to it?


Coat Corner sells jackets and coats in all sizes: from children’s sizes to XS to XXXL. This means that we definitely have a coat for every shape and size.


What coat are you interested in buying this winter and why? Let us know because we would love to hear from you! Better still, come and visit us in-store and chat to one of our salespeople who would be delighted to help you!


Our Store locations:

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