A buying guide for men’s trench coats, that are as popular as ever this season

A buying guide for men’s trench coats, that are as popular as ever this season

We’ve had a great summer so far but winter is just around the corner. If you have already started thinking about how you’re going to keep warm this winter while still looking trendy, this article is for you! 

Below, we will explain everything you need to know about men’s trench coats and why they are an essential wardrobe staple. 


What is the difference between a greatcoat, an overcoat and a trench coat?  

An overcoat is a long and heavy coat that you wear over your regular clothing. It typically sits just above the knee but longer models can reach your ankles. 

As its name suggests, a greatcoat is a bulky coat that is not normally tailored and has a comfortable fit as a result. They are normally double breasted and often come with epaulets or embellishments. 

A trench coat is similar to an overcoat in length but it is more lightweight and often waterproof. It comes in a range of colours, is heavy-duty in the sense that it is often fully lined and made from waterproof fabric, and much more stylish than a greatcoat or overcoat. 


Why is a trench coat called a trench coat and what else is it known as?

A trench coat is also known as a topcoat, and gets its name from WWI when soldiers would wear them in the trenches to ward off the cold and rain. They were worn over the top of clothing and other coats and  jackets.


Is a trench coat still fashionable in 2022?

Trench coats are considered wardrobe classics and never go out of fashion. However, they have become incredibly popular in this year’s men’s winter wardrobe line-up. 


What colour variations are available and what is most popular now?

Trench coats come in a wide range of colours and these are most often the neutral colours which can be paired with other items in the wardrobe. 


Popular trench coat colours for 2022 include the following: 

  • Charcoal
  • Light grey
  • Black
  • Tan 
  • Beige

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What can I wear a trench coat with?

A trench coat is an incredibly versatile item of clothing as it can be worn with almost anything! 

In winter, a trench coat can be worn with your regular office attire to keep you warm in the mornings and evenings. Since trench coats look smart, they are perfect for business meetings and formal outdoor gatherings. 

Over the weekends, you can confidently wear your trench coat with your favourite jeans or smart-casual pants to create a casual yet trendy look. 


Is a trench coat normally belted?

Trench coats are normally belted to create a tailored and neat look to your outfit. If you don’t like feeling restricted by your trench coat’s belt, you could always wear it loose for a more comfortable look and feel. 


Are trench coats fully lined or not?

Most trench coats have a thin silk or satin lining but some waterproof trench coats do not contain a lining. 


Are trench coats versatile enough for African weather conditions, especially in our harsh winter months for them to be a good investment?

Trench coats are ideal for the African winters! They provide plenty of warmth but do not make you feel too hot. 

They are designed to be worn over your other clothing and, as many people know, wearing layers during the winter can help you to keep the cold at bay more effectively. 

Trench coats have a classic design so they’re definitely a wonderful investment! 


Where can I get a trench coat?

So, are you keen on getting your hands on your own trench coat? Come and visit Coat Corner Kempton Park, Coat Corner Springs or Overcoats in Benoni on the East Rand and browse our extensive collection!
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