Are you a budding entrepreneur and looking for the next best idea to start your own business?

Are you a budding entrepreneur and looking for the next best idea to start your own business?

Get your new year off to the best start by starting your own business! 

Starting your own business is actually easier than you think. All you need is a little cash, a bit of gumption, and a lot of enthusiasm! 

In this article, The Overcoat Importer will show you how you can fire your boss and hire someone more suitable - yourself! 


The easiest way of making your own business with The Overcoat Importer - Buy a Bale of coats or jackets

There is no better time than now to consider starting your own business. 

Unemployment rates are at an all-time high in South Africa, with some companies going out of business and others cutting costs by retrenching staff.

Don’t wait to become a victim, empower yourself now, become an entrepreneur!

Starting your own business is easy when you work with The Overcoat Importer. We have many successful customers all around the country.

All you need to do is visit us at one of our shops in Gauteng and ask one of our friendly overcoat sales specialists about our coat and jacket bales or contact the specialist for your area.

Don’t live in Gauteng? No problem! Contact the store directly or one of our area sales specialists to place your orders!


It’s the right time to start preparing for the new buying season to make the most sales with the new stock available

Although it’s summer at the moment and it seems like the last thing anyone needs is a warm jacket, starting your coat business now makes sense, and here’s why: 

  • You can start encouraging your customers now to think about their winter wardrobes and offer them great discounts if they stock up on winter coats now before the crowds come. 
  • All weather jackets and raincoats are essential in South Africa during the summer months because a large portion of the country experiences summer rainfall. Raincoats are much more convenient than umbrellas, which can easily be forgotten and are tricky to carry around with you. With a raincoat, you can simply fold it up neatly and place it in your bag! They can also double up as a light layer when there is a nip in the air or the wind gets up.


So, what do coat bales contain? 

Well, here at The Overcoat Importer, each of our overcoat bales contains a selection of gently used, imported European coats and jackets.

These jackets are top quality and have been made to last. They are not like the ones you’d buy at the shopping mall, which may only last for a year or two. However you may find some fast fashion items in some of the bales.

Included is a great variety of coats of different sizes, colours and styles in our bales so that you have something to suit every customer. Every coat is different and every bale is different, packed and baled in Europe.

From cozy anoraks for toddlers, long trench coats for stylish young men, no-nonsense office jackets for the working woman, and everything in between, we have you sorted! 

Pricing your individual jackets is also easy. Simply divide the number of jackets in your bale by the price you paid for the bale, and you have a rough idea of the cost price of each jacket. Set your price not too high but enough for you to make money and customers to be excited to buy because it’s an affordable price for a quality coat or jacket.

Once you have set your prices with enough for a nice profit for yourself, you’re ready to do business!

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