Are you ready for business with one of the coldest winter seasons coming soon?

With this coming winter set to be one of the coldest on record, it’s best to start preparing your customers now so that they don’t feel the freeze!


Although the impending, freezing winter doesn’t inspire happiness in most people, if you are a small business owner with your stock from The Overcoat Importer, it’s a great opportunity to make more sales.


Want to find out how you can start your very own business with us? Read further and be inspired!


The Overcoat Importer has done all the hard work for you in securing the stock you need for your customers from our reliable network of European gently-used coat and jacket suppliers

The Overcoat Importer is a proudly South African company and we really mean it! In addition to selling great quality jackets and coats to the public at reasonable prices, we also give our customers the opportunity of starting their own business.


We import gently-used but premium quality European jackets and coats in bulk and at very low prices. This means that we can sell you large bales of jackets and coats at low prices, as well, onto which you can add your own mark-up and make some cash. Buy-a-Bale. Make-your-own-cash!


This is, therefore, a genuine business opportunity for anyone who is excited about being their own boss and selling products in their local community and beyond.

A great selling point of our jackets is the quality: you will not find the same quality jackets in a retail store in a typical South African shopping mall. In fact, you’d probably pay a lot more for such jackets! The wholesale prices of our coats and jackets in bulk bales are very affordable and there's lots of opportunity for you to make money.


It’s the right time to get the best deals on wholesale bales so you can make your own cash

Our bales of jackets and coats sell incredibly well during autumn and winter when the weather turns cold. This is the time when consumers rush to buy warm gear to keep the chill away.

Of course, our jackets and coats are also all-year sellers. As crazy as this sounds, you can sell them even during the heat of summer! All you need to do is switch to selling raincoats or all-weather jackets, which are very welcome since most of South Africa is a high summer rainfall area.

Customers also enjoy end-of-season sales where they can buy jackets for next winter. Early bird sales are also popular marketing tools with our small business owners: by offering a small discount if customers buy their warm winter jackets early (say, in March), you can have a lucrative sales month any month of the year.

If you are interested in starting your own coat business, don’t hesitate and do it as soon as possible because the winter months are the best selling months.

Say goodbye to unreasonable bosses who expect you to work long hours, and say hello to doing business on your terms!

Come and visit The Overcoat Importer in store on the East Rand and buy your first bale of jackets and coats. Our helpful overcoat sales specialists will guide you through the process and get you up and running in no time.

We are conveniently situated on all the main transport routes, and we also offer plenty of safe parking on site to load your bales. 

We deliver nationally, so get your order in early and our delivery partner will deliver your bale to you for a reasonable fee.

Visit our website to see the latest wholesale price list and the different types of bales available. https://overcoats.co.za/ 

Get in touch with your overcoat area sales specialist to check stock availability. 

Follow us on social media for the latest promotions and special deals @overcoats

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