Benefits of buying coats & jackets in bales, and selling them loose

Here at the Overcoat Importer, we import and sell a wide selection of high-quality gently used winter jackets and coats.


What do our coats cost?


We buy these jackets and coats in great quantities to keep up with local demand and benefit from bulk buying prices. This is why we can sell our popular coats and jackets at such low prices to our customers. This is also why we are one of  South Africa’s favourite stores for winter essentials because you can get winter essentials from us for as little as R40.



What is our product quality like?


Even though our products are fantastically priced, they are of the highest possible quality which can be seen when looking at the brand names that we sell. All manufactured to the highest standards, our coats and jackets have been made specifically for very cold European winters so you can be assured that all of our jackets will keep you or your customers nice and warm, even during the iciest cold fronts.



Did you know that the Overcoat Importer sells bales of jackets directly to the public?

This means that you can buy-a-bale of jackets from us and then sell them onto people you know for a profit. So buy a bale and make your own cash.



Buying bales of winter coats can be a very useful way to earn some extra money or even make a living. We do this because, as a company, we are passionate about serving our fellow South Africans and empowering those who want to make a living from selling clothing.



What are the benefits of buying coats and jackets in bulk and then selling them loose?



This is a question that we often get asked. The first and most obvious benefit to buying bales and then selling the items loose, is that you can turn your investment in a bale into a healthy profit. In fact, you only need as little as R2000 to start your own business.



Selling loose jackets is also an easy business to start because you don’t need any special equipment, an office or any special skills. All you need is the passion to sell and a market of potential customers. Unlike other small businesses that sometimes need equipment or retail space, getting started with our buy-a-bale business concept is quite easy.

coats bales

Who is this business opportunity for?

Our Buy-a-bale business concept is great for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are in school, varsity, or have another job. This is a business that can put some extra cash in your pocket. All you need is the willingness and some enthusiasm to sell to people you know or people who need affordable winter clothing. (e.g. family, friends, people in your local community, etc).



By reselling jackets, you are essentially your own boss. You can be as successful as you want to be and you can run your business your own way, without someone telling you what to do.


Making sure you always have stock!

Once you have sold your first bale of coats or run out of product to sell, replacing it is incredibly easy. We carry quite a bit of stock so all you need to do is visit us in-store or order again online.


What if you don't have lost of cash to start.

You could go into business with one or more people you know and trust. Each person could contribute a portion of the money and share in the profits later. Going into business this way has its own advantages because the more people you have working with you, the quicker your coats and jackets could sell.



Another benefit of selling coats and jackets from bales is that you get to work where you choose to work. This could be from home, in a market, or even at very busy commuter points or taxi ranks.


How can you grow your coats business?


As your coat and jacket business grows, you might want to employ someone you know and trust to help you sell your jackets. For a small commission or monthly wages, you could empower other people to earn extra cash and, in your own small way, you will be uplifting your local community and helping other people to make a living.



Many of our best customers live in rural communities or in small towns that are far away from the major South African cities. In these places, commodities such as warm jackets are often not readily available and, if they are, they are quite expensive. By being a jacket seller, you are allowing your local community to have access to buy jackets at reasonable prices.



Of course, one of the main advantages of having your own jacket business is the fact that is a whole lot of fun! You get to interact with a wide range of interesting people and you will more than likely make some great friends and loyal customers along the way.



Are you interested in starting your own business selling jackets? If you have any questions or would like to have some more information about it, please visit the Overcoat Importer. You can phone us at any of our branches, email us or even visit us in-store and we will be delighted to help you!


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