Blazers and jackets for summer

Did you know that cotton blazers and jackets are all the rage this summer season?

This should come as no surprise because blazers are incredibly versatile and can be worn in a number of fashionable and elegant ways.

Here at Coat Corner, we stock an extensive range of branded and high-quality cotton blazers and jackets at excellent prices. Since cotton blazers are considered to be a staple in your summer wardrobe this season, why not take a look at our selection?

Styling your cotton blazer.

As mentioned, blazers are wonderfully versatile and come in a wide range of styles and colors. We recommend picking one that you personally love and then incorporating it into your current wardrobe.

A good cotton blazer can help you to easily dress up any outfit. For example, if you want to wear your favourite pair of skinny jeans but the dress code is smart-casual, simply thrown on a blazer for a dressed-up look!

Blazers are also great for office wear and can be worn with trousers and skirts for a smart and well put together look.

If you are heading out for a fun night out with friends, you could wear your cotton blazer with a pair of ripped and deconstructed jeans for a wonderfully contrasting look.

Light jackets in your summer wardrobe.

Light cotton jackets are summer wardrobe essentials. Many of us work in air-conditioned offices where the temperature can be quite low, even in the summer. Of course, if you want to keep the chills away, it is not always suitable to wear a jersey in the summer and this is where your cotton jacket comes in. A cotton jacket provides the necessary warmth you need during the summer while not making you overheat like a jersey would.

In addition to keeping you at just the right temperature, a thin cotton jacket is very elegant and stylish, and it can be thrown over your shoulders, regardless of what you are wearing. It looks great with a dress, works wonders with a pair of jeans and is smart enough to wear to the office.

Cotton is the perfect fabric for summer.

As you probably know, cotton is the best fabric to wear during the summer. It is a breathable material that keeps you cool when temperatures are sizzling, but it will also provide an additional layer of light protection from breezes and slight chills in the air.

Cotton blazers and jackets come is such a wide variety that you will definitely find one that you love. Brightly-coloured cotton blazers and jackets can add some fun and excitement to an otherwise boring and dull outfit, while a neutral coloured blazer or jacket can blend in well with any outfit.

If you would like to own your own cotton blazer or jacket this summer, why not take a look at Coat Corner’s range? Our blazers and jackets are branded, and high quality and you would be amazed at the great prices we sell them at!

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