Buy and sell all weather coats this summer

Are you looking to start your own business, and do you want to work for yourself? Why not sell bales of coats and jackets that you can easily buy from Overcoats Importer?


As strange as it may seem to start a coat and jacket business when summer is just around the corner, it actually makes a lot of sense and this article will explain why!


South Africa is mostly a summer rainfall country.


As you know, South Africa is mostly a summer rainfall country, meaning that sudden and occasional rainstorms can happen throughout the warmer months.


No one likes to be caught unawares when rain suddenly starts to fall, and it can be inconvenient always having to carry an umbrella with you.


A much more convenient option is to carry a raincoat with you and there is therefore a very big market for this in South Africa.


You can purchase a bale of coats or jackets from Overcoats Importer, consisting of mostly raincoats. These are all high-quality coats that have been imported from Europe and completely waterproof.


Because we buy them in such large quantities, we pay extremely low prices for them and we naturally pass this discount onto you as well so that you can sell your own coats and jackets at great prices!


Selling raincoats to your neighbours, friends, family and work colleagues should therefore be very easy and you would be surprised at how quickly they sell!


Thin jackets, denim jackets and unlined jackets are very popular during summer.


Even though the weather may be very warm during the day in South Africa, if you have to get up early in the morning to walk to your transport route, train or bus, you will know that it can often be quite chilly, even in the summer.


In the same vein, walking home in the evenings, especially late at night, can also be a chilly experience, especially when there is a breeze blowing or when there has just been a thunderstorm.


A thin or unlined jacket is perfect for these brief moments of cold during the summer when you need an extra layer of clothing.


A thin or unlined jacket, as well as a denim jacket is a better option than a jersey or sweatshirt as these jackets are much more stylish and will beautifully match whatever you are wearing. This means that your thin jacket can be carried around with you during the summer for the times when the weather makes a turn for the worse.


As you can see, selling thin jackets, unlined jackets and raincoats makes a lot of sense during the summer! Of course, you could also sell winter jackets alongside them and help your customers to prepare for the coming winter season.


If you are interested in starting your own jacket business, contact the Overcoats Importer today to find out how you can buy your first bale!


Bale prices start from just under R2000. Starting your own business can now be a reality!  Visit today.

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