Coat Corner, The World's Biggest Coat shop right here in South Africa

Coat Corner, The World's Biggest Coat shop right here in South Africa

Well established in the vintage coat market and offers the customer a choice of first grade, gently used European quality coats and jackets.

Modern customers are more demanding and expect both low prices and excellent quality from the clothing they buy and especially when it comes to investing in a coat or jacket.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with most retail clothing stores who sell poor quality merchandise, fast fashion, and items that won’t last you beyond a year or two. If you combine this with the fact that their prices are rather steep, it makes retail clothing shopping an unattractive option. 

Luckily, Coat Corner has heard these concerns and offers consumers excellent quality coats, jackets and raincoats at fantastic prices. Our business concept is environmentally friendly and socially conscious. Everyone deserves a quality coat or jacket at an affordable price and we make this possible with a huge selection in our three Gauteng based shops.


Thrift shopping is growing throughout the world and is becoming the most affordable option for South Africans looking for a good quality coat or jacket

Here at Coat Corner, we import gently used coats and jackets from Europe where great quality is essential and tailored fits, impeccable stitching and elegance is the norm. 

Visit one of our stores in Gauteng and you can see for yourself why shopping at Coat Corner makes a lot of sense! You can browse through endless types of coats and jackets and find exactly what you had your heart set on. 

Our coats and jackets are classic pieces and have been designed to offer timeless style so that you can wear them year after year. 

What’s more, you won’t pay exorbitant prices, and your item will last you for years. It’s an excellent investment in your winter wardrobe and more. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your office wardrobe, we have some smart and elegant jackets that can double up as professional office wear, as well as a warm jacket in winter. 


Shopping at Coat Corner is a great experience and one that our loyal customers look forward to because they know they will find what they are looking for and more.

At Coat Corner, our team of friendly sales staff have been specially trained to understand the different types of jackets and coats, latest styles, and which coats would suit what body type or personality type. 

Our stores are modern, spacious and have a relaxed atmosphere, where you can take your time and find the perfect fit.

Of course, our overcoat sales specialists won’t bother you if you feel like shopping independently. However, many of our customers find that asking them questions can help them gain valuable insight into making a good purchase. 

Whether you’re looking to invest in a top quality jacket for yourself, you need a gift for a friend, or you’re stocking up for the whole family, we would be delighted to help you! 

Coat Corner is also conveniently situated close to all the major transport routes and we also have customer parking right in front of the shops in Kempton Park, Springs and Benoni.  

With thousands of coats and jackets to choose from for the whole family, Coat Corner is the place to go for Summer and Winter coats.

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