Coats & jackets are seasonal items especially here in SA with four distinct seasons

Coats & jackets are seasonal items especially here in SA with four distinct seasons

As you know, South African winters can be very cold, especially in the early mornings and evenings.

It doesn’t help much that many of us have to walk to work or to our transport, meaning that we are exposed to very low temperatures and need some protection against the cold. 

South African summers are hot and sunny, but many areas (like Gauteng) have unexpected rain showers. 

Summer evenings can be chilly if you spend time outside with family and friends at outdoor events or at the beach.

It is at times like these, that a jacket can provide some much-needed warmth or protect you against the rain. If you don’t already have a good summer jacket, what are you waiting for? 


Autumn and Winter are obviously the season when coats are absolutely essential from padded anoraks to long overcoats

Don’t get caught out during the autumn and winter! 

Invest in one of our premium quality coats or jackets and you’ll be ready for anything. 

Children and elderly people are less able to regulate their body temperature than adults and they need a warm jacket more than others. If you have kids or elderly folks in your family, give them a helping hand for the colder months and get them a comfortable, warm coat from Coat Corner

Coat Corner has jackets and coats in practically every style, colour, size and variety that you can think of. 

Whether you like elegant glam coats with faux fur, practical padded jackets or stylish trench coats, we have exactly what you need! 


Spring and Summer is when we need the lighter weight trench coat, all weather coat or anorak. We also have denim, corduroy, tweed and a great selection of mens and ladies office jackets.

Spring and summer are just around the corner and, while you should start thinking about your summer clothing, you should also think about a good summer jacket.

Good summer jackets include lightweight trench coats, unlined waist length jackets, classic denim jackets and raincoats. 

If you want something that is more versatile, consider a tweed, corduroy or unlined blazer. These jackets are light enough to keep the chill away but won’t make you feel too hot. Additionally, they also look smart and can be paired with your office attire. 

Still not sure what summer jacket you should get? Come and visit Coat Corner and browse our massive collection for some inspiration! 

We have knowledgeable sales specialists who can give you some useful tips and advice, if needed. 


South Africans love their coats and jackets, especially when they bought one for a great deal at Coat Corner, the world’s biggest coat shop.

Did you know that Coat Corner is the world’s biggest coat shop? 

We are proud to be based here in South Africa where coats and jackets are incredibly popular, whether it is summer or winter. 

Come and visit us in one of our Gauteng stores and see for yourself why we are considered the top choice when you need a new jacket or coat. 

Our stores are modern, spacious and Covid safe. We also have a team of friendly and helpful sales specialists who are always happy to answer questions and provide help when you can’t decide which jacket would suit you the best. 

If you don’t live in Gauteng, don’t worry! Take a look at our user-friendly online store where you can browse our extensive collection of bulk options available and have your goodies delivered directly to your door, regardless of where you are located in South Africa. 

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