Do you know that if you buy a bale of quality second hand European coats and jackets you can make your own cash by reselling them?

Do you know that if you buy a bale of quality second hand European coats and jackets you can make your own cash by reselling them?

There is no doubt about it that the past year or so has been very hard on most South Africans.

Some of us have lost jobs, businesses and sources of income but there is hope on the horizon with The Overcoat Importer!

We sell bulk coat and jacket bales at amazingly low prices, so that you can sell them on and create your own lucrative business. 

All our jackets and coats are gently worn and many look like new. Also, they have been imported from Europe, where the weather can be icy cold in winter, so these jackets are extremely warm. 

Are you interested in making a positive change in your life by starting your own business? 


Yes, yes. Yebo yes! I need to know more about how I can make my own cash selling gently used coats and jackets.

Starting your own business and making some nice cash is easy with The Overcoat Importer!

Visit us in one of our Gauteng stores or check out our website to get more details about our bales. 

For a competitive price, you can buy your first bale of jackets and coats. If you don’t have that kind of money now, why not share the cost with some friends or family members? The Overcoat Importer also offers various buy-a-bale specials throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled to our website for all our latest specials.


What kinds of coats and jackets are available in bulk bales now? 

The kinds of jackets and coats we have in our bulk bales varies according to our European suppliers and the time of year or the season we are in. Generally, we have a variety of anoraks, all weather coats, trench coats, overcoats and more. 

Buying one of our bales means that you have plenty of stock to suit all tastes, sizes and requirements. 


Is it too late in the season to sell coats and jackets? 

No, it is definitely not too late to sell coats and jackets! 

Towards the end of winter and early spring, there are often cold fronts when warm all weather coats or anoraks are needed. 

Also, spring evenings and early mornings can be quite cold, and this is when a warm jacket comes in handy. 

You could even sell coats and jackets in the summer and help your customers to either prepare for the winter in the next few months or to buy an all-weather coat that is often worn on outdoor adventures, evenings by the campfire or even to the office on rainy days. To make this more attractive, you could offer various sales and discounts on selected stock received in your bale to improve your sales - it’s up to you! 


In many parts of South Africa we can experience all four seasons in one day so there is always a need for a coat or jacket.

In the Cape, winters can be rainy and cold, and this is where a warm, waterproof jacket can save the day.

Gauteng and the Free State have very cold and dry winters, but wet summers that can be quite chilly at times. 

Even in South Africa, a good quality jacket is considered as a wardrobe staple because you can wear it all year-round. 

Jackets keep the icy, winter cold at bay, and keep the chilly summer evenings and mornings at bay. 

If your customers walk to work or transport in the mornings and evenings, a good raincoat is vital. 

Raincoats are more convenient than umbrellas because they can be neatly folded up into your bag and then taken out when it starts to rain. No one likes to be caught out in a rain shower! 

Blazers, denim jackets and parkas also make for great all-weather jackets.

Visit The Overcoat Importer for all buy-a-bale options available and start making your own cash today!
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