Everything you need to know about our military coats for sale

Military coats and jackets are still very much in fashion in 2020 and, at the Overcoat Importer, we have a wonderful range of military jackets for both men and women to choose from.


So, how exactly did military coats become fashion items and how can you wear yours? Military coats and jackets, as the name suggests, were originally mass produced for the army and navy. They have traditionally always been durable and very warm so that military personnel can withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. Their colours are mostly muted greens, desert grey and khaki so that they can blend in with their local surroundings.


In the 1990s, military coats and jackets came into fashion when non-military people began wearing them in the winter months. This coincided with the grunge movement, which saw a lot of combat boots and camouflage prints being worn.


A few years ago, military jackets and coats made a huge comeback and it shows no signs of slowing down.


A great advantage with a military jacket or coat is that it is very warm and has been made to the highest standards of workmanship and quality. Their neutral colours mean that you can pair it beautifully with your entire winter wardrobe and you can style it either up or down.

military coats

Generally speaking, the longer your military jacket is, the warmer it will keep you. They are great coats for freezing cold winter mornings and evenings when you are walking to and from work, or to transport. They are very convenient to carry in your bag during the colder months, just in case you feel cold or you find yourself outside unexpectedly for a long period of time.


Men and women alike have been buying our military jackets for various uses, and they have proven to be excellent fashion items. For instance, you can create a fun street style outfit by wearing your military jacket with combat boots and acid washed or torn jeans.


Ladies also enjoy wearing their military jackets for a strong, powerful, yet feminine look. Pair them with your favourite winter boots and accessorise with a complimentary scarf and some statement earrings and you have a very trendy outfit.


Although military jackets have a limited range of colours, you can still get creative by choosing a design, cut and pattern that you can relate to and, that you will enjoy wearing throughout winter.


If you are interested in investing in a top-quality military coat or jacket that has been imported from Europe, come and pay us a visit in one of our outlets in either Kempton Park or Springs.


The majority of our military jackets are from ex NATO forces and, because we purchase them in very large quantities, we are able to sell them onto our customers at very reasonable prices.

This means that you can afford a premium quality military coat from Europe at a fraction of the price!


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