How to size, fit and wear a vintage coat

At Overcoat Importer, we stock a special, hand-selected collection of classic gently used vintage coats and jackets. These vintage coats and jackets can be considered wardrobe staples as they are timeless and classic fashion items.


We import our popular high-quality vintage coats from Europe and, because we import in large volumes, we enjoy great discounts. Of course, we always pass this discount onto you, our valued customer, so that you can have the opportunity of owning your own, beautiful vintage coat.


When browsing the racks for your dream vintage style coats and jackets, you will notice that majority of them are in neutral colours (such as black, brown, tan and navy blue). Neutral colours never go out of fashion and can easily be mixed and matched with your current wardrobe.


In terms of the size you should choose for your vintage coat, we recommend trying on your jacket first and making sure that there is plenty of room for a thick sweater or jersey underneath. You might want to wear a thick sweater when you try on your vintage coat, just to be sure that it fits nicely. A coat that offers you more room in the arm area (but is not too baggy) will allow your arms to move freely when wearing the coat. You should be able to zip or button up your vintage jacket easily.


Wearing and styling a vintage coat is a lot of fun and you can get really creative with it! For example, on very cold, winter’s days, you could wear it with a matching scarf and hat for a stylish, winter look. This will not only keep you delightfully warm, but it will also look great.

Vintage coats

For a casual street style, you could wear your vintage jacket unbuttoned with your favourite skinny jeans and boots and then accessorise with an elegant scarf or statement necklace.


Since vintage jackets are classic pieces and always look smart, you could wear them with your winter corporate office wear on the way to work. This is a wonderfully professional outfit, and you will also be feeling snug and warm at the same time.


If you would like to shop for a gorgeous vintage coat or jacket, why not visit us in one of our vintage concept shops at Coat Corner and Overcoats in Benoni.


These are located in Benoni, Kempton Park and Springs and they are all close to the major transport routes and have plenty of parking.


We have a team of friendly and professional staff members at each store to answer any questions you may have.


This collection of coats is displayed in a separate area inside Coat Corner Kempton Park and Springs as well as Overcoats Benoni.

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