How To Start A Side Hustle Selling Winter Jackets and Coats

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many people losing their jobs and money being tight for most households.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to start your own business, you should definitely read further as The Overcoat Importer offers customers the option of creating their own business or side hustle selling premium quality jackets and coats!

Where To Buy Coats and Jackets In Bulk For Re-Sale?

The Overcoat Importer, as our name suggests, imports premium quality clothing and jackets from Europe that are gently used. Since we buy in extremely large quantities, we benefit from a very low unit price and because we have so much stock, we sell bales of jackets to our customers for reselling.

Our bales can be purchased from any of our retail outlets and you can choose if you want a mixed bale or something more specific. If you can’t get to any of our stores in Gauteng, you can place and order online and we will deliver your bale directly to your front door!

How To Price Your Jackets and Coats?

Your bale will be sold to you at a specific price and we recommend taking this amount and then dividing this by the number of coats and jackets in your bale. This will give you your unit, cost price.

To break even you would need to sell these on at the unit cost price, but to make a profit, you would need to add on a margin. We recommend adding enough margin to help you make some decent money (but not too much as this will make the price unattractive to your customers).

You may want to consider checking local stores to see what prices they sell their jackets at, and then selling yours slightly cheaper to make it a bargain for your customers.

Where To Sell Your Jackets and Coats?

With our bales of jackets and coats, the sky is the limit! Your jackets and coats can be sold anywhere you feel there would be a market.

Most of our bale customers sell their coats and jackets in their local communities, to neighbors, at work and through word of mouth. The key is to think about where you want to sell your jackets and coats, and then make the most out of this location.

How To Promote Your Jackets and Coats?

Marketing is essential if you want your bale business to succeed. The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be completely free of charge! Don’t be afraid to talk about your business as word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool.

When people talk about your jackets, word can spread throughout your community and people may come looking for you. You could also send out SMSs to family and friends and advertise in your local Facebook group. You would be surprised at how many people respond!

Some business owners like to focus on a certain area (such as a specific business park) and then show up in person, asking if anyone is interested in buying jackets.

What Styles To Buy For Winter 2021?

Winter 2021 will see a great need for warm coats and jackets. One of the most popular styles this season is the overcoat. This is a long, flowing and collared jacket that looks incredibly smart and can be worn either casually or formally.

Anoraks, parkas and leather jackets are also quite popular this winter, especially if they are in one of the most popular colours for 2021: mustard yellow, wine red or blush pink. We generally have all types of jackets and coats available. Come visit one of our stores and buy-a-bale to start your side hustle.

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