How to wear a ladies' car coat or ladies half coat?

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your winter wardrobe? A warm jacket or coat is a definite must-have for every winter and it is well worth the investment if you want something that will last for more than a year or two!


At Coat Corner, we stock a wide range of warm coats for the whole family, including the highly sought-after car coat (or half coat). All our gently worn coats and jackets are imported from Europe and are AAA grade, meaning they are both stylish and of excellent quality. Because we purchase our jackets in bulk, we benefit from rock bottom prices and we naturally pass this discount onto you, our valued customer!


If you are interested in buying a car coat, this is a great choice because this type of jacket is highly versatile and looks great on most body types. A car coat has the advantage of giving you some much-needed extra warmth on those cold winter days as they are slightly longer than short jackets, ending in the mid-thigh area.

ladies car coat

Most ladies half coats have convenient pockets on the sides, making them useful for when you need to carry small items with you. Unlike duffle coats or anoraks, ladies' car coats can be made out of any fabric and can be either lightweight or heavier if that's what you prefer.


They also come in a variety of colours and we recommend choosing a colour that you know will suit what you already have in your winter wardrobe. Neutral colours (like dark or light browns, blacks, navy blues, or tans) are therefore an excellent idea as you can really mix and match them beautifully.


How to wear them

A car coat looks great when worn with a midi skirt, lightweight sweater or top, stockings, and a pair of knee-length boots in a complimentary colour. This is a great look for work or when you need to go to an event where you have to dress smartly.


For a more casual look, your ladies' car coat is also a good option. Many of our Coat Corner customers enjoy wearing their ladies' half coats with a pair of skinny jeans and a stylish jersey or sweatshirt.


Boots also look good when paired with a car coat and skinny jeans and this is a great look for the weekend or a casual, outdoor event when you need some extra warmth but still want to look elegant and chic.


ladies car coat

How to size your car coat!

In terms of sizing, we recommend selecting a car coat that you know will be able to accommodate a thicker, woolen jersey for those very cold days. Do not buy one that is too loose as this could make you look sloppy.


Finally, ladies' car coats are great fun if you enjoy accessorising your outfits!


A car coat will always look amazing when you wear it with a matching pair of gloves, a scarf, and a hat. Matching accessories have the advantage of bringing the whole look of your outfit together while keeping you warm at the same time!

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