Is the thought of a cold wet winter or cold dry winter giving you the chills already?

Although the weather is still warm and pleasant, it’s not going to last and autumn and winter will soon be upon us.


Here at The Overcoat Importer, we are just as reluctant to launch into winter as you are. However, we can make the transition into winter a smooth one with our low prices, excellent quality, and amazing style that’s guaranteed to keep you warm and happy. And we love bringing you the best coat deals in the country for the whole family.

At Coat Corner we are ready with new stock for any kind of cold weather! 

Coat Corner regularly receives new stock to help our customers prepare for the new season. Through Autumn and into the Winter season.


Our coats and jackets are gently-used and imported from Europe where there are high standards in terms of style, fabric and quality manufacture. This means that our jackets and coats have impeccable stitching, tailoring, and have been made to last for several years.


Since they feel comfortable when worn and offer plenty of freedom of movement if you get the right fit, you can carry on with your normal activities when wearing one of our popular jackets.


Buying a coat from Coat Corner also means that you’ll be kept warm as our jackets have been designed to withstand the icy European winter temperatures.


Our jackets are, therefore, ideal for walking to your transport on cold winter evenings and early mornings.


If you’re looking for an all-weather jacket that will see you through the winter, as well as protect you from the summer rains, consider one of our  high quality trench coats or raincoats. As waterproof or water repellent jackets, they make excellent alternatives to umbrellas, and can also be worn over jerseys or sweatshirts to provide an additional layer of warmth in the winter.

Thousands of coats and jackets to choose from at Coat Corner in our warehouse-style shops


Here at Coat Corner, we have an extensive variety of jackets and coats, and something to suit everyone!


You can pick up some cheerful and warm children’s jackets or anoraks at Coat Corner. These high quality jackets make great hand-me-downs and are worth the small investment.


We also stock every kind of jacket you can imagine! From elegant trench coats (that are currently very popular with young men), Men’s Jackets that double up as smart corporate wear, to fashionable puffer jackets that are lightweight and fun to wear.


Most of our jackets have a timeless style, meaning they won’t go out of fashion any time soon and you can wear them year in, year out.


If you know you need to keep warm this winter but don’t know which jacket would suit you, come and visit Coat Corner in store! Our friendly overcoat sales specialists know a lot about coats and jackets, their uses, and what would suit whom.


Based on your body type, jacket needs, budget, and style preference, they can make some excellent recommendations.


Visit one of our Coat Corner shops in Kempton Park or Springs on the East Rand or visit Overcoats in Benoni for a great selection to choose from.

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