Kids Anoraks For Sale

Kids Anoraks For Sale

Since they still have developing immune systems and because they are sensitive to cold temperatures, it is very important to ensure that your children are dressed warmly for winter. Take a look at our kids anoraks for sale.


When it gets very cold in winter, it can be difficult to keep your children warm. However, if they have a warm anorak, you can have the peace of mind that they are protected from the cold wind and icy temperatures.


An anorak offers your child all the warmth that they need while still allowing them to be able to move around freely while playing and going about their everyday lives. Lightweight yet effective against the cold, if your child has an anorak, they will enjoy this coming winter that much more!


Here at The Overcoat Importer, we import large quantities of gently used coats, jackets, and anoraks from Europe. Because of the vast number of overcoats we import, we benefit from very low prices which we then pass on to you, our valued customers. This means that you can pick up excellent quality and stylish kids anorak for as little as R40!

If you need to get your children set up for this winter, why not visit The Overcoat Importer at one of our popular stores? We are located on the East Rand at Overcoats Benoni, COAT CORNER Springs and COAT CORNER Kempton Park and are very close to major taxi routes and trains. In addition, we also have plenty of parking, if you come by car.


Can’t come into one of our stores? No problem- you could always shop online where we have our wholesale price list available on you can email your order to or speak to one of our overcoats sales specialists who will gladly assist you with your order, and have your purchases delivered directly to your home at a great rate!


Our range of kids anoraks is extensive and we have anoraks for children in all sizes, every color you can imagine and trendy styles to suit every child. We also have padded, lightweight and heavy anoraks, depending on your needs.


All our branches are staffed with members of our friendly and professional team who would be very happy to help you find an anorak for your child. We also offer lay-by options if money is tight: simply speak to a member of The Overcoat Importer team and they will tell you more.


So, what kind of anorak will you be dressing your children in this winter? Let us know!



At Overcoats Benoni, Coat Corner Kempton Park and Coat Corner Springs not only do we offer wonderfully priced jackets and clothing, but we also give you the option of buying from us in bulk, in the form of bales. You can, therefore, buy a very well-priced bale of kids anoraks from us and then sell them on to folks in your local community or other people in order to make some extra cash for yourself! With kids anoraks always being in high demand during the colder months, you will sell everything in your bale in no time!


Interested in buying one of our kids' anorak bales?  Well, we offer you the following options AND we deliver countrywide:


  • 60 piece kids anorak bale
  • 100 kg kids anorak bale
  • 60 piece kids heavy anorak bale
  • 300 kg kids anorak bales
  • We also sell per kg



Contact one of our overcoats sales specialist now if you are interested or would like to place an order email

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