Ladies and Men’s Summer Jackets

Now that summer is in full swing, you have probably been focused on your summer wardrobe and keeping cool in the heat.

While it is important to dress appropriately for the long, hot days, did you know that a good quality summer jacket should always form part of your summer wardrobe? Here at Coat Corner, we stock a large selection of gently-used quality men’s and ladies summer jackets at excellent prices.

What is a summer jacket?

Although a jacket is not normally something you would buy first when building the foundation of your summer wardrobe, they have a very important place.

A summer jacket, unlike warmer winter coats, is more lightweight and usually unpadded and unlined. It is also normally short in length and is easy to throw over your shoulders whenever needed.

Good examples of a summer jacket include your classic denim jacket, a thin cotton jacket, or a raincoat.

Summer jackets are excellent items to have as many of us are exposed to the fresh, early morning air and breezy evenings where an extra layer of clothing is needed. A thin, summer jacket is perfect for these situations as it takes the edge off the chill and does not make you feel too warm.

Many of our customers enjoy wearing their summer jackets to complement their outfits. For instance, a summer jacket can dress up your office outfit beautifully, can be worn with pants if you are going to a formal event, or worn to a party with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

Summer jackets are ideal for the rainy season

Most of South Africa experiences summer rainfall and this means that people are often caught unawares during sudden afternoon rainstorms. When this happens, if you have a summer raincoat, you can carry on as normal without getting wet.

Of course, you could always carry around an umbrella, but these tend to be bulky and many folks have a tendency to lose them or to leave them behind at work.

A thin summer raincoat can easily be folded up in your bag and simply whipped out whenever needed, making it very convenient.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone? Consider a beautiful tweed jacket!

With Christmas fast approaching, you have no doubt started to think about what you will be gifting your friends and family members.

Instead of battling to find the perfect gift and ending up giving them the same old gift anyway, why not buy them something special this year?

Here at Coat Corner, we have a lovely collection of top-quality tweed coats for both ladies and men. These are incredibly popular at the moment and your loved one will be able to use their jacket for many years to come.

With our very reasonable prices, you will be able to do all your Christmas shopping at Coat Corner! We have gorgeous jackets for the whole family, so why not take the stress out of your Christmas shopping and visit usat one of our stores?

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