Lobola Coats

Here at the Overcoat Importer, we stock a wide range of high-quality Lobola coats. If you or someone you know will be getting married soon, come and have a look at our offering of Lobola coats?


What are Lobola coats?

As the name suggests, Lobola coats are smart jackets that are worn (usually by the groom) before a wedding when the groom pays the bride's family Lobola. These coats are normally worn during the Lobola ceremony and are a very special part of the couple's future together.

In terms of style, Lobola coats are longer than normal winter jackets and usually rest just below the knee. They have large, wide collars and can be buttoned up, making them ideal for chilly winter mornings and evenings when you have to be outdoors.

Of course, Lobola coats are not only worn during the Lobola process. They are great for every member of the family to wear throughout the winter. With their timeless and classic look, they do not need to be aligned to a trend and, if you choose one in a neutral color, you can wear your Lobola coat with almost anything else in your wardrobe!

The Overcoat Importer has you covered for all your Lobola fashion needs and you can be sure to pick up an item that is well-priced and of excellent quality. Since we import all our overcoats coats from Germany, you can be assured of excellent garment workmanship, meticulous stitching, and premium fabrics.

How to size and fit your Lobola coat.

Your Lobola coat has been designed with your comfort, warmth, and style in mind. This means that there is a trendy Lobola coat out there that would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

At The Overcoat Importer, we have popular Lobola coats in an extensive range of sizes. Whether you are tall and plus size, or small and slender, there is one that will fit you perfectly.

Since most people wear their Lobola coats during the cooler months, we recommend making allowances for winter clothing underneath so that your coat doesn't feel tight or constricted when worn. A great idea is to bring a thick jersey or sweatshirt with you when shopping for your Lobola coat. Put the jersey on and then try on a few coats to see how they fit you.

As a general rule of thumb, your Lobola coat should be tight enough to show the contours of your body, but loose enough to allow plenty of movement and the ability to wear your normal winter clothes underneath. When you button up your Lobola coat, it shouldn't feel too tight or too loose: something in between is what you should be aiming for.

If you think you have found the ideal Lobola coat for you, make sure that it is not so loose that it will hang on your frame or that it is obvious that you are wearing a coat that is too big. Make sure that you can move your arms around and that it feels comfortable. Finally, take a look in the mirror and check if it enhances, rather than detracts from your natural figure.

A good fitting Lobola coat will always enhance your natural features and make you look smarter and more formal, rather than untidy and casual. If you are happy with the way the Lobola coat looks on you, chances are that you have found a gem!

Need help finding the best Lobola coat for your needs? Our team of sales specialists here at The Overcoat Importer are always happy to give free advice! Simply visit us in one of our stores in Benoni, Kempton Park, or Springs, browse our extensive collection of Lobola coats, and chat with one of our team.

How to wear your Lobola coat

With a Lobola coat, the styling options are endless! Due to the look of Lobola coats, they can be worn with a wide variety of outfits and whether you want to dress your look up or down, you are guaranteed to look your best.

Many men enjoy wearing matching color smart hats with their Lobola coats and this gives them a formal and distinguished look, in addition to keeping them snug and warm when it is cold.

Wearing your coat to work is also a great idea as it is very elegant with a casual or smart business look and can be removed when you are indoors or begin to feel too hot.

Both men and women can wear their Lobola coats with jeans for a sophisticated, smart casual look. We recommend getting creative with your outfit and teaming it with your favorite boots or leather shoes. Lobola coats also look amazing when you pair them with a hat, scarf, and gloves in matching colors. In addition to keeping you extra warm, this is a great winter look.

Wearing your Lobola coat on a night out on the town is an excellent option. Whether you wear it with your dark skinny jeans or party dress, it will leave you feeling and looking your best. As you can see, Lobola coats are incredibly versatile and we can recommend them for anyone looking for a wardrobe essential.

Can I get my Lobola coat wet?

Generally speaking, if you get your Lobola coat a little bit wet, it shouldn't be a problem. As long as you dry it out well and as soon as possible, you won't damage the coat at all.

A top tip for Lobola coat wearers is to gently dab the damp patches on the coat with a soft cloth to get rid of the excess water. After that, hang it up on a coat hanger in a room that gets plenty of fresh air and your coat should be as good as new within a few hours.

Most Lobola coats are not fully waterproof, though, and it is not recommended to get them drenched in water or to wash them in your washing machine. If your Lobola coat gets dirty, dry cleaning is always the best option.

Are Lobola coats currently in fashion?

Very much so! Not only are Lobola coats trending at the moment but because of their timeless appeal, you can rest assured that you will be able to wear your coat season after season.

To enjoy wearing your Lobola coat for many years to come, buy it in a neutral color such as black, brown, navy blue, tan, or dark green. That way, your Lobola coat can be worn with anything else you have in your wardrobe and the colour will always be on-trend.

Where can I get hold of a Lobola coat near me?

So, do you want to get hold of your very own Lobola coat? If so, why not visit the Overcoat Importer or Coat Corner? Our stores in Benoni, Kempton Park, and Springs are close to all the main transport routes and offer plenty of parking.

You will be amazed at our vast range and the many coats to choose from!

To give you an idea of pricing, our top quality, German-imported Lobola coats are currently selling from R90 each (for ladies and men's long overcoats) and from R180 for men's 3/4 overcoats.

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