Looking for work or a side hustle? Buy-a-bale. Make your own cash, and be ready for 2021!

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a very difficult year for so many. With job losses and reduced income, most South Africans are currently very concerned about their financial situation.

If you find yourself in this situation and are interested in earning some extra cash, the good news is that The Overcoat Importer is offering you the opportunity to have your own full-time business or side hustle so that you can start 2021 on a positive note.


Here at The Overcoat Importer, as our name suggests, we import gently-used, European quality coats and jackets. Since we purchase in bulk and in massive quantities, we buy at a very low price and can then offer this saving to you, our valued customers.

Each bale consists of premium quality coats and jackets that you can sell on to people in your local community, at an informal market stand, at work or anywhere you believe that people would like to buy from you.

From as little as only R650 for a 25kg bale, you could buy your very first bale and start your own business! We have three shops located in Gauteng that are close to the main transport routes in those areas namely, Benoni, Kempton Park and Springs. In addition, we deliver bales throughout the country at reasonable rates or you are welcome to collect.

Once you have invested in your first bale, you will need to price the individual items in the bale so that you can start selling. Be sure to price your coats and jackets low enough to sell fast, but high enough so that you can make a profit. Then you will be ready to buy your next bale.

Don’t have enough money for your first bale? Why not go into business with a trusted friend or family member? You could then share the cost of the bale and, since there will be two of you, you will be able to sell the items faster and accelerate the growth of your business.

With your own coat business, the sky really is the limit and you can grow your business to the scale that best suits you. This means that you can choose to have a coat business as a side hustle (in addition to your normal job) or you can go into it full-time and concentrate all your efforts on selling stylish and great quality coats and jackets. There is a huge selection that can be sold across all seasons from heavy winter coats to light weight summer jackets, raincoats and anoraks just to mention a few.

Most people are currently looking for bargains when it comes to clothing so a coat business is a good option for a new venture as you know that it will be successful. Everyone in the family needs a warm coat and a jacket.

One of the best parts of having a coat business is that you make your own rules and you can conduct your business exactly how you wish. Many of our coat and jacket sellers don’t even need to leave their homes as they invite friends, neighbours and family members to come and browse their collection and make sales in their own lounges.

So, if you are ready to take your financial situation to the next level and take control of your money, visit us at Overcoats in Benoni or Coat Corner Kempton Park or Springs. Our team of dedicated and knowledgable sales men and ladies are available to assist and advise you. Visit our website for any additional information on the range of products available and prices and discover how you can have your own coat business!

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