Men's Overcoat Bales For Sale

Winter is fast approaching, which means that people will soon be thinking about the warm clothing that they will need to combat the cold. Have a look at our men's overcoat bales for sale.


Here at The Overcoat Importer, we have got you covered in more ways than one! If you are looking for a high-quality men’s coat or jacket, you have definitely come to the right place. Visit one of our shops Overcoats in Benoni, Coat Corner in Kempton Park or Coat Corner in Springs.


We are South Africa’s largest importer of gently used and excellent quality coats and jackets. Our stock comes directly from Europe and, before it reaches our racks, each item is carefully checked and quality controlled which includes fumigation when packing the bales and the containers for shipping as required by Port Health.


Since we purchase our stock in massive numbers, we are able to negotiate rock bottom prices and we are happy to pass this huge discount on to you, our valued customer.


There is a great need in South Africa for men’s winter coats during the colder months. Many men work as security guards, factory workers and in professions that keep them outdoors where the temperatures are very low. Many guys also have to walk long distances in the cold, early morning hours to catch taxis and trains. Sadly, until The Overcoat Importer AND COAT CORNERS came on the scene, warm coats were very pricey for the average South African man and only the lucky few could afford a decent quality winter jacket or coat.


We have stylish, warm and comfortable men’s coats for sale at prices from only R120! If you are interested in making some easy cash and making these coats available to your community, why not consider buying one of our overcoat bales and reselling them?

men's overcoat

Many of our customers have already been highly successful in buying and selling our bales of overcoats and these are now in high demand. They are the best quality available in South Africa today.


The good news is that anyone can buy and resell our bales of overcoats - whether you are in between jobs, you are a student or you simply want to supplement your income, now is the perfect time to snap one up for yourself and start earning your own cash.


The Overcoat Importer is based in BENONI and we also have COAT CORNER branches in Springs and Kempton Park CBD. You can browse our selection of coats and buy either by piece or purchase a bale of overcoats. These shops are all conveniently situated within walking distance to taxi routes and trains. We also offer plenty of parking if you are arriving in a car.


If you cannot visit us, don’t worry! We offer delivery of bales to your home anywhere in the country and our courier rates are very reasonable as well.


Our team of friendly and professional sales staff are always happy to help you with any questions you may have. They can also advise you on the various types of bales we have. In addition to the types of coats and jackets in our range.


The bales we offer are as follows:

  • 25 piece bale of mixed of coats - long and 3/4
  • 25 piece 3/4 coats
  • 100kg bale of mixed coats - half coats, ¾ and long
  • 40 piece bale of half coats
  • 300kg bale of assorted coats


Our bales feature a variety of styles, colors and sizes so there will be something to suit everyone!


Contact us now for any more information or visit our website

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