Military style coats for your security force

Anyone with a security company will know that their team members often have to work cold night shifts. Overnight, winter temperatures are very low throughout the country, and so this raises a major concern for most security company owners.


Good security companies ensure that their staff are given the correct tools for their jobs. This should naturally include enough warm clothing for outdoor work and night shifts during the winter months. Security officers who don’t have the correct clothing to withstand the cold will be more reluctant to venture out and check up on strange noises or to patrol frequently.


The good news is that you can easily and very cost-effectively kit your team with good quality, warm jackets if you work through the Overcoat Importer. We stock an extensive range of premium quality European imported military coats and jackets that can be purchased in bulk.


Because we import our stock in very high volumes from our European suppliers, we benefit from great discounts and we naturally pass this saving onto our customers.


Our range of military coats and jackets are not named after military wear. Some are in fact ex NATO jackets and coats and are therefore the real deal.


Genuine military jackets and coats (as sold by the Overcoat Importer) are ideal for security guards and officers who work in extremely low temperatures. In addition, they are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

security coats

The fit of a military coat is also very comfortable and allows the wearer a wide range of motion in the arm areas, making it perfect for every security guard.


These coats come in various lengths, but if you would like your security staff to be kept as warm as possible, we recommend opting for a longer length which provides full body insulation and warmth.


Our military coats have all been made from top quality gabardine, wool, cotton and some PVC. They are also available with or without linings, depending on your preference.


When purchasing military coats for your security staff, there will be no need to buy additional winter gear for them (apart from maybe a warm hat), as the military coat offers all the warmth that they will need. The colours of these coats are neutral military colours (i.e. khaki, muted greens and desert grey) and they will therefor pair perfectly with your security staff’s current uniforms.


We offer excellent bulk buying options and offer delivery options with a minimum order quantity of 20 units.

If you would like to look into some military jackets for your team, why not visit us at our shop in Benoni?

Alternatively, you could contact Eugene for further information ( and he will answer any questions you may have.


Of course, you could also consult our website and download our comprehensive security and military coat catalogue with details and pricing.

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