Military Surplus Coats And Jackets

If you are a lover of trending fashion, you know that military coats are all the rage at the moment.

Many celebrities, models, and stars have been spotted wearing their military coats recently and anyone who is anyone in Hollywood has one of these winter essentials in their wardrobe.

Here at General Military Surplus (GMS) we stock a wide range of premium quality military coats and jackets that can be purchased from our easy-to-use, online store ( and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Although we are committed to the best possible quality, and our military coats reflect this, our prices are surprisingly affordable. This means that owning a great military coat is now within reach for most South Africans!

What are military surplus coats?

As the name suggests, military coats refer to coats worn by military personnel. Since soldiers are often exposed to extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time, military coats have the ability to keep you very warm and allow you to remain active in the cold outdoors for long periods of time.

Although military coats were initially designed for the military, due to their high-quality design, ability to keep one warm, and their popular style, they are now worn by civilians and have become sought-after fashion items.

Generally speaking, military coats have a tough outer fabric and an insulated, inner lining to ensure that you are kept warm even when temperatures are below freezing. Most military coats also feature two or more large pockets.

In addition to being fashionable at the moment, military coats are used extensively by many industries to keep their staff members warm during the winter.

Security companies, for instance, buy bulk quantities of military coats as their officers spend a lot of time outdoors on patrol during cold winter nights. This is very important because if your staff members are kept comfortably warm in the cold, they are more likely to perform their duties better.

Farmers are also partial to military jackets as they keep them warm when they have to get up on cold, winter mornings to tend to their animals and crops.

Game rangers also benefit from military coats, especially when they have to lead sunset and sunrise game drives in the winter months. The camouflage patterns on a lot of the military-style jackets are conducive to this environment as well.

Fishing enthusiasts know that the best fish can often be caught early in the morning or just before the sunsets. However, the cold can be a hindrance. But if you have a warm and insulated military jacket, this doesn't pose a problem.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors during sporting events or need to walk to catch a taxi, bus, or train, a military jacket can provide more than enough warmth for you during the colder months.

How to size and fit your military surplus coat

At General Military Surplus, we stock military coats and jackets in all styles and sizes.

When shopping for your military coat, we recommend opting for one with a slightly looser fit as this will allow you to wear a thick jersey or sweatshirt underneath. You should also have plenty of room in the sleeves to move your arms and the coat should feel comfortable, outlining the contours of your body.

How to wear your military surplus coat?

There are many ways to style and wear a military coat!

If you would like to opt for a casual yet trendy look, we recommend wearing your military jacket with your favorite torn or distressed jeans and a pair of matching sneakers.

Dressing up military jackets is easy and they are great items to wear when going to work. They look smart and professional with a pair of smart slacks, a collared shirt, and leather shoes, and the coat can be removed as and when you feel too warm during the day.

Going to a party or drinks after work?

Why not pair your military coat with a pair of wide-legged pants, a silk shirt, and some killer pumps for a smart yet unique look?

Sports fans love their military jackets and enjoy wearing them with their team's scarf and beanie to games. You could also wear your military jacket with a mini skirt and knee-high boots for a fun night on the town.

Enjoy the preppy look?

Team your military jacket with a pair of shorts and some heels for an elegant and stylish outfit!

Another popular trend with military coats is to create a monochromatic look from head to toe, choosing clothing that matches the color of your coat. Many military coat enthusiasts enjoy a more understated look. This can be achieved by cleverly complementing the color of your coat with a pretty blouse or pair of trousers.

Can these coats get wet?

Most military coats are water repellant and not 100% waterproof. Of course, it all depends on the type of military coat you have. If you think you will often be outdoors in the rain, we recommend opting for a waterproof coat.

Are these coats in fashion?

Yes, very much so! Looking at current trends on the catwalks of Paris, London, Milan, and New York, a military coat is clearly one of the most sought-after items at the moment.

The great thing about military coats and jackets is that they have a timeless and classic appeal, meaning that even when they are not as much in the spotlight as they are now, you will still be able to get a lot of use out of your military coat.

Fashionistas in the know therefore realise that a military coat is a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

Where can I get hold of military coats near me?

The good news is that a great quality military coat is within your reach! Here at General Military Surplus (GMS), we stock a wide range of popular military coats and jackets and all shopping can be done online on our easy-to-use website.

Of course, a full selection of military coats is available in our physical stores if you prefer, but we also have a wide range in our online store. Shopping online with General Military Surplus (GMS) is quick and simple and, once you have checked out your purchases, we will deliver your items directly to your doorstep!

We deliver throughout South Africa, so get ready to wear your new military coat within days of placing your order!

Buying military coats in bulk

Many General Military Surplus customers love our products so much that they want to get involved in selling their own military coats.

If you are interested in starting your own business selling military coats at great prices, consider buying in bulk. We offer amazing discounts on bulk orders so that you can resell them easily!


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