Seasonal change is a time to reflect on your business!

Seasonal change is a time to reflect on your business!

As South Africa eases into Spring, coat and jacket resellers may begin to see a slight decline in the sale of the warmer coats and jackets. However, seasonal change is the best time to reflect on the overall performance of your coat and jacket reselling business. Note what sold well, who your customers are and where they are from and how best to keep in touch with them. Also what to look for to sell during Spring.

Early Spring mornings and evenings tend to be quite chilly; many customers are looking for lighter coats and jackets to style their Spring outfits. Coats and jackets are clothing items worn throughout the year despite different seasonal weather, especially in instances such as attending functions and events. This is why you can easily buy to resell and still make your own cash flow.

Right now you can Buy-a-Bale of “All Weather” coats and make your own cash or come to one of the shops and choose what you want.

At The Overcoat Importer, we provide resellers with an easy and affordable way of generating cash flow for themselves. We import and stock a wide range of quality and exclusive, gently used coats and jackets that can be worn by your customers all year round. To date, we have provided several suppliers with quality international bales of coats and jackets at incredibly low and affordable prices.

When reviewing the performance of your business within the previous season, it is essential to keep in mind factors such as which items in stock sold well, the details of who exactly is within your customer base and where these customers are located. By doing this you are able to analyse and formulate the best ways to keep in touch with each of your customers

It is essential for a reseller to constantly keep in contact with customers. This helps in establishing long term relationships, gaining valuable and honest feedback, and learning what exactly customers are looking for so that you can supply accordingly. By keeping a database of all your customers' details, you can keep in touch and provide regular updates via email, WhatsApp, social media groups or SMS and call.

Coats and jackets are worn throughout the year for different seasonal weather as well as for functions and events, so you can still buy to resell and make your own cash.

To make the most out of your Spring stock, ensure that your coats and jackets are set at prices that are lower than stock found within retail stores. You are more likely to attract the attention of a customer who is more highly likely to purchase your stock by doing this.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of quality coats and jackets, then The Overcoat Importer is the supplier for you. Head to one of our stores in Kempton Park, Benoni or Springs and get your hand on a bale (or two) of All Weather coats, like Rain Coats and Parka’s, at economically low prices. 

It’s as easy as simply picking and choosing from an extensive range of quality European stock. If you do not reside anywhere near any of our stores you can easily access our price list online and get in touch with one of our expert and friendly sales specialists who will guide you through the purchasing process and ensure that your bale is delivered to you no matter where you are within South Africa at the most economical price. It’s time to be your own boss with our Buy-A-Bale. Make Your Own cash concept from The Overcoat Importer.

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