Steps on how to start your own clothing business

With longer winters, a warm winter jacket is always a hot commodity. However, did you know that while you are shopping for the perfect winter coat for yourself, you could also start your very own business?


Here at the Overcoat Importer, we have a wide range of gently used, high-quality coats and jackets for sale that have been imported directly from Europe and are in excellent condition.


If you are looking to sell winter coats and jackets, pay us a visit because you can find jackets from as little as R40!


Times may be difficult economically, but people always need a warm coat or jacket, and now is the perfect time to start your own business by selling your very own bales.


We sell different size bales that consist of men's overcoats, ladies overcoats, adult's anoraks, and children's anoraks and because we buy our jackets in bulk, this means that you can start your own jacket business at a cost of under R 2000.


How do I start my own coat business and what are the steps?


Starting your own coat business from the Overcoat Importer is almost too easy! All you need to do is visit us at one of our convenient stores and take a look at the coat bales we have to offer. We have stores in Springs, Benoni and Kempton Park and we are close to all the main transport routes. We also have plenty of parking if you are coming by car.


If you do not know where to start, one of our friendly sales specialist will be happy to help you out. They will assist you to choose either a small bale (if you want to try selling out before making a big commitment), medium or large bale. Remember that the larger the bale you buy, the more you save and the cheaper you can sell your jackets!


Don't worry if you don't live in Gauteng or you can't get to one of our stores, because we offer to deliver bales to all 9 provinces in South Africa. Simply take a look at our website and browse our range of available coat and jacket bales. After you have confirmed your order and paid, you can sit back and wait in excitement for your bale to be delivered directly to you.


Choose the correct products to sell.

A good thing to think about is whether you want to sell adult jackets, men or ladies' coats or children's jackets. Once you have decided, you can go ahead and buy your bale. Make sure that you purchase products that you know will sell because you don't want to sit with unsold items at the end of the month.

coat business

How to price your coats?

When you have unpacked your bale, you can price each jacket separately. Don't forget to price them so that you make enough profit but don't overprice because then they might not sell. Understanding your market is very important, so make sure you know what your customers will be willing to pay before you start to price your items.


How to start selling?

Selling your jackets and coats will be your next step. If you don't know where to start, we recommend thinking about people you already know in your community, neighbours you talk to, and friends you have at work. Everyone you know can be a potential customer and you never know if they are looking for a winter coat or jacket for themselves, their children, or someone in their family.


If they don't need a jacket for themselves or their kids, it might be worth mentioning that the jackets you are selling are great quality and come from Europe and they might make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for someone they know.


A small, mixed bale is a good idea to buy if you are just starting out because these have jackets for every member of the family. Once you have sold this and made your profit, you can then invest in one or two larger bales and grow your business from there.


When you start your coat business, it is important to let people know that you are selling good quality coats and jackets at great prices. This will make people more likely to contact you before you have even had a chance to go out and sell your jackets.


Some coat sellers make a lot of money by setting up an informal trading stand in their neighbourhood so that anyone who passes by can see what they have to sell. This is a great idea to implement, especially over the weekends when people are already in shopping mode. You would be amazed at how many jackets you can sell by doing this!


Don't have the money to even buy the cheapest bale of jackets that is just under R2000? Why not consider starting your bale business with a friend or two? That way, you could each contribute towards your first bale, making it much cheaper for you to have your own business with a partner.


Going into business with a partner or two has another advantage in that you can divide the jackets up and share the work. In this way, you may find that you sell your first bale very quickly and you will be able to buy your next bale and develop your business much faster.


If you have any questions about starting your own bale business or you would like to find out more, you could always phone us at the Overcoats Importer, visit us in-store or speak to one of our sales specialists.


All of our staff are experts and know the product well. They are always on hand to assist and help buyers with any questions they might have.

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