Storing heavy winter coats across the summer months to protect your investment and keep cash flow in your Coat Business

Storing heavy winter coats across the summer months to protect your investment and keep cash flow in your Coat Business

The summer season has finally arrived and luckily you can now safely pack away all your heavy winter coats!

In this article, we will explain the best ways to store your heavy winter coats during the summer, as well as how you can keep making your own cash with summer jackets and coats.


Top storage tips for your winter coats and jackets

Storing your winter coats safely is essential if you want to keep them in optimal condition. 

The Overcoat Importer recommends dry cleaning or washing your winter coats before storing them away so that any dust or dirt is removed. 

Once they have been cleaned, it’s best to fold them up neatly but loosely and place them in an airtight plastic container. This will prevent moisture build-up (and mold) and will keep any insects at bay. 

Store your plastic container at the back of your clothes cupboard or in any dry place that is away from direct sunlight. 

Avoid using moth balls as the smell can linger for ages. Cedar wood chips is a great alternative and helps to keep moths away from clothing. 


Keep your cash flow going with a bale of All-Weather jackets or summer jackets or UK/Scottish Mix or come in and select what you would like.

Need some extra cash to supplement your income or trying to save for Christmas? Or perhaps you’ve recently lost your job and you need an income? 

The Overcoat Importer offers a great small business starter pack! For a small investment of only a couple of thousand Rands, you can invest in a bale of premium quality jackets and coats from Europe that you can resell. 

Since The Overcoat Importer buys them at highly discounted prices, you too benefit from this discount so that you can make a healthy profit. 

Come and visit us in one of our Gauteng stores or order your first bale online now! 


All weather coats and jackets come in handy with strong winds and rainy weather. 

All weather coats are usually long trench style made from various fabrics. They can be lined or unlined and are available in bales at The Overcoat Importer.

Even though we are going into summer, selling coats and jackets is still a great idea.

As you know, South Africa has hot summers but the nights and early mornings can be a bit chilly. In addition, large parts of the country have summer rainfall, which is where raincoats come in very handy. 

The Overcoat Importer’s range of All-Weather coats and jackets can help to keep you comfortable in the evenings and mornings and can also be a lifesaver during a sudden downpour! 

Sell your All-Weather coats and jackets during summer to your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues. 

The sky is the limit and you can grow your coat business as much or as little as you want. And the best thing? You are your own boss!

Contact The Overcoat Importer today to find out more.
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