The Importance Of Being A Reliable Wholesaler

Here at The Overcoat Importer, we give you the opportunity of starting your very own second-hand coast business, and to get started you only need a small cash investment. BUY-A-BALE, make your own CASH.

As an importer and distributor of the finest gently worn coats, we have access to large volumes of coats and bales and because we don't have stores all across the country we provide an opportunity for our clients to become resellers.

Getting started is as simple as buying a few loose coats and then selling them on for a profit.

If you have a little more capital you could then probably afford to buy a full bail of coats that you can mark up and sell.

As an importer, we understand that it is important for our resellers to always have a great selection of coats and bales to choose from. We are fortunate that when the winter season ends in Europe we are able to secure large quantities of gently worn coats that we then import. And because there will always be winter in Europe we will also have a fresh supply of coats for our budding resellers.

The benefits of buying from the Overcoat Importer.

1 - As a reseller, this is very beneficial as this means that we will always have the latest coats styles for you to sell on to your individual customers.

2 - We will always have a wide selection of coat styles for you to choose from so we offer you a wide variety.

3 - Because we import in bulk, our resellers benefit from the best wholesale prices which eventually translates into better markup percentages for our resellers.

Who should start a second-hand coat business?

A second-hand coat business is ideal for anybody. You might be looking for a little side hustle or you might even consider making it a full-time business opportunity. They are easy to start and all you need is some time, a positive attitude, and access to a customer base.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash then you might want to consider becoming a reseller. At the OverCoat Importer, we make it easy for our resellers to do business.

We offer a full nationwide delivery service, so if you are based in another province it is still easy for you to order your coats from us. Let us know which province you are in and we will put you in contact with a sales specialist.

Our store-based overcoats sales specialist are very knowledgeable and are always on hand to answer any questions a reseller might have. We understand the importance of good service and we will always do what we can to assist our customers.

As part of our drive to assist our resellers we have created three pointers that explains what it takes to be a good reseller.

1 - How to become a reliable reseller.

Just as the consumer expects shops to offer them good service and to honour their promises, so do your own customers expect you to provide them with great customer service.

When the public views you as someone who can be trusted and who follows through on promises, you will be more likely to make more sales and gain more customers in your sales area.

For example, if a customer requests a certain item and you don't have it in stock, you could arrange to get for them. Following up with your customers and keeping them informed will result in building trust for your business.

Furthermore, they might tell their friends and family about how good you are you might make more sales. This is why it is vital that you try your best to offer your customers the same service that you would expect.

Keep it fresh.

One of the keys to a successful business is introducing new and fresh items to your range.

When you regularly have new items to offer your customers, they will have a sense of excitement when they shop with you and will enjoy browsing through your product range.

A great time to introduce new items to your range is just before the change of seasons as this is when most people are looking to update their wardrobes.

We recommend buying new coat stock whenever you can afford them as this can help you to keep your range innovative and interesting for your customers.


If you want to be successful with your coat business, your items need to be priced attractively.


Pricing them very low will result in fast sales and a high turnover of products but you may not make much profit at all.

Remember to try and price your clothes low enough to attract customers, but high enough so that you make enough profit to replenish stock and to put some cash in your back pocket.

As a general rule of thumb, look at pricing your things lower than what you would normally pay in a retail shop. This will give you the best of both worlds: plenty of sales and enough profit to make your business well worth it.

So if a coat costs you R50.00,

You add R100.00 and you sell it for R150.00. You make your cost price back and you put profit back into your business. Do this ten times a month and you could have an extra R1000.00 to live off of.

So if you think you have what it takes to be a reseller, and you looking for the best coat wholesaler we would like to help you start. BUY-A-BALE make your own CASH.

Visit or call one of our branches today to find out more or visit our website to download our wholesale price list to see what we have on offer at the moment.

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