The Overcoat Importer: A Groundbreaker in South Africa’s Second-Hand Clothing Market with affordable coats and jackets

The Overcoat Importer: A Groundbreaker in South Africa’s Second-Hand Clothing Market with affordable coats and jackets

With fast fashion no longer being the trend, people are looking for more sustainable ways of shopping and serving the environment. The Overcoat Importer offers a cost effective option to purchase a quality gently used coat or jacket at an extremely good price all year round.

Did you know that The Overcoat Importer imports gently used, premium quality coats and jackets from Europe? These items have been beautifully designed and have been made to last. There is always a vast selection of styles, sizes and colours available in our shops.

Although the second-hand clothing market in South Africa is a growing phenomenon, it is certainly not new to The Overcoat Importer as we specialise in gently worn coats and jackets and have been operating in this way since our inception almost 25 years ago.


South Africa’s Second-Hand Clothing Market 

Over the past few years, there has been a shift in the mindset of South Africans when it comes to shopping. 

Gone are the days when South Africans would simply accept sub-par quality products. Today, the nation demands much more out of the clothes they buy and insist on better quality items, sustainable options and reasonable prices. 

It is for this reason that the second-hand clothing market has taken off so well recently. It is also often referred to as Vintage clothing and as we all know there’s nothing to beat a beautifully designed vintage coat or jacket.


The second-hand clothing market is an ideal market for Entrepreneurs 

One can buy bales of gently used jackets and coats from The Overcoat Importer. 

Entrepreneurs can make a small investment in the Buy-A-Bale concept from The Overcoat Importer and then resell them onto their own customers. 

These customers can be neighbours, friends, family and work colleagues and it’s a very easy way to start your own business or make some extra cash as a side-hustle. 

If you are interested in being your own boss and starting your own small business, come and visit The Overcoat Importer. Here, you can browse our different size bales and select the most suitable one for you. We offer bales of winter jackets and coats or all-weather jackets and coats. Our overcoat sales specialists are available to assist with the latest stock and deals available as well as years of valuable advice.

Worried about affordability to buy your first bale? An option to consider is a partnership. Having a partner means that you grow the business twice as fast and enjoy the profits sooner! 


A Coat for Everyone in Africa! 

At The Overcoat Importer, we believe that everyone in Africa should own a good quality coat and we believe that cost should not be an issue. 

Our gently used coats and jackets are sold at very cost-effective prices so that good quality items can be attainable for everyone. 

Whether you are looking for a warm jacket to stave off the cold during winter, a versatile raincoat for the summer months, or a smart jacket to wear to work, The Overcoat Importer has exactly what you need! 

We stock jackets and coats for the whole family: from kids and teenagers to men and women of all sizes.

We have multiple shops in Gauteng. We are based on the East Rand in Benoni, Springs and Kempton Park. 

If you aren’t in close proximity to our stores, simply visit our website where you will find the latest bales price list and you can even shop online or place your order directly with a sales specialist, as we also deliver bales throughout South Africa.
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