Time To Prepare For The New Coat Season And Get The Best Deals Now At The Overcoat Importer! Buy-A-Bale And Make Your Own Cash!

Now that the new year has begun, it is time to make new resolutions and new goals for yourself. If starting your own business, becoming more self-sufficient, or earning more cash is one of your goals, why not start your own coat business with The Overcoat Importer?


Buy-A-Bale. Make your own cash.



How does it work?


Starting your own bale business with us is almost too easy! All you need to do is visit us in one of our stores and choose your first bale. Alternatively, if you live in a rural area and can't get to us, you can order one through our Overcoats sales specialist and we will arrange for it to be delivered to you.


Our bales consist of gently worn high-quality jackets, and coats that have been imported directly from Europe, meaning you won't find these items in the normal South African stores, and definitely not at the prices you can get from The Overcoat Importer.


Once you have your first bale, you can start selling the contents and your new business venture has just begun! Most of our coat business owners sell to people they already know, such as neighbors in their local community, friends, family, and people they know at work.


Since everyone needs a coat and warm jackets in the winter, you should never have a shortage of customers, even when the economy is bad. Shop for all-weather jackets, denim jackets, trench coats, raincoats, and lightweight summer jackets are available through the summer.


You can sell your bale contents at any price you feel is reasonable but make sure that your prices include enough profit for yourself but are still low enough to be attractive to your customers.


The Overcoat Importer has a new bale price list and excellent deals for 2021!


The latest bale price list for 2021 is available with hot deals to get you started. Speak to an Overcoats sales specialist who will advise you of stock availability and the best deals.


Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest news and be first in line to take advantage of the best bale prices. Make sure you are on our database to get the latest information directly to your phone or email.


Planning for the winter season starts now.


Here at The Overcoat Importer, we have new stock coming soon from Europe in the last styles and trends.


Having your own coat business is a wonderful way to earn your own money, make your own rules, and not answer to a boss. Our bales are quite popular and sell out quickly so make sure that you are first in line to choose the best bale for you and your customers.

In the next month or so, people will start thinking about their winter wardrobes so it is important that you remain one step ahead and have the stock that they need. Our coat and jacket bales consist of men's, ladies', and children's jackets in many different colors, styles, and degrees of warmth. These jackets are ideal for the cold winter months when many people need to walk to transport early in the mornings or in the evenings.


There are also raincoats in these bales, and these are perfect for the summer months when most of South Africa experiences unpredictable summer rainfall. Not only do these raincoats function better than umbrellas in rainstorms, but they are lightweight enough to be worn in the evenings and mornings when there is a slight chill in the air.


Having your own coat business is a fun way to earn money but it is important to plan ahead and ensure you have plenty of great stock. We recommend ordering your bales for the new season now so that you have enough time to price the individual items and get the word out about your new business and stock.


Have additional questions about starting your own coat business?


Get in touch with a sales specialist or visit us in-store and we would be happy to help you!


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