Vintage coats and jackets - amazing pieces being showcased in concept stores

Vintage coats and jackets - amazing pieces being showcased in concept stores

Did you know that The Overcoat Importer is South Africa’s largest importer of high quality, gently used coats and jackets?

Our quality coats and jackets are imported from Europe and we boast the largest selection in South Africa.

Take advantage of our Make Your Own Cash concept and Buy-A-Bale of any of our products, for men, women and children of:

  • Anoraks
  • Half Car Coats
  • Imitation Suede Coats & Jackets
  • Overcoats
  • Raincoats
  • Scottish Mix Coats & Jackets or 

The above products are available in 25KG, 45KG, 100 KG and 300 KG Bales or even 20 Piece, 30 Piece, 40 Piece, 45 Piece, 50 Piece and 60 Piece Bales.

Our Bales of Coats & Jackets greatly assist budding entrepreneurs starting their own coats & jackets resale businesses or cater to the perfect opportunity for a side hustle.

Over and above our wholesale bales, we also stock a wide range of signature pieces of coats and jackets in our Vintage concept stores, situated inside The Overcoat Importer or Coat Corner branches.

If you’re looking for signature pieces with elegant lines, impeccable stitching and that will last your customers for many years, The Overcoat Importer’s Vintage concept stores are your supplier of choice. Our Vintage coats and jackets range makes for the perfect sales opportunity to premium customers, who pride themselves on style, originality and fashion that is timeless.

Although our Vintage coats are not available for wholesale, it is definitely worth your while to stock up on some amazing pieces to boost your coats and jacket business sales ahead of the winter season and all year round. 


You may pay a little more for these pre-selected coats and jackets that have been chosen for their vintage style or fabric value

These vintage coats and jackets naturally take pride of place at The Overcoat Importer.

The vintage coat is a wardrobe staple. In our Vintage concept stores, we stock beautiful vintage coats and jackets that can be used all year round. The pieces make for fantastic work attire, event and function attire or even if your customers just want to make a fashion statement. You may pay a little more to stock these coats, however, it is well worth the money as they demand higher resale values and are a great sales opportunity for regular, well-known and even premium customers.

These vintage coats are classics, which means that they don’t go out of style. Instead, they pair well with items your customers likely already have in their wardrobe, like denims, leather pants or even the classic chino, helping them to achieve an elegant and smart look with whatever they are wearing. 

Our vintage coats come in a wide range of premium quality fabrics. From cashmere to pure wool coats and in various vintage styles. These pieces come from across the ages so you are sure to find something unique and timeless at The Overcoat Importer. 

Many of our customers wear their vintage coats to work during cold winter mornings to keep the chill at bay. These coats are typically collared and have the double benefit of keeping one warm and looking smart and professional at the same time. 


Visit The Overcoat Importer to get your stock of vintage coats 

Now is the perfect time to visit The Overcoat Importer or our Coat Corner retail branches. Our Vintage concept stores are located inside The Overcoat Importer’s Benoni branch at 97 Princes Avenue, Coat Corner’s Kempton Park branch at 79 Pretoria Avenue and the Coat Corner Springs CBD branch at 29 5th Avenue.

During the summer months, people are mostly shopping for summer clothing and pieces of dual purpose clothing that look great for work or even keep cold and rainy days at bay. In our Vintage coats concept stores you will be treated to our extensive range of vintage coats and jackets that is the largest collection you’ll find. 

Include a visit to our Vintage Coats & Jackets concept stores, while you stock up on your coats & jackets bales at The Overcoat Importer for the new season.

We are open 7 days a week. We’re also on the main transport routes, making a visit to The Overcoat Importer incredibly convenient. 


If you are unable to visit our stores, chat to our sales team for assistance by calling on 078 769 3810 or send us an email at We also offer nationwide delivery.
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