Vintage Coats: The Perfect Gift This Festive Season

Vintage Coats: The Perfect Gift This Festive Season

The festive season is upon us. Overcoats and Coat Corner offers a wide range of various different coats and jackets, to make your festive shopping affordable and convenient.

Our specialised ranges include: 

  • General Military Surplus which make outdoor adventures comfortable and provide great options on all-weather coats
  • Vintage Coats which include options for keeping warm in style, but also key pieces for work wear, day-to-day fashionista’s or all-weather options. 

At Overcoats and Coat Corner, we stock thousands of coats and jackets for all ages, tastes and styles. 

Giving the gift of a vintage coat remains an excellent idea as everyone should have at least one good quality coat in their wardrobe. 

Most South Africans don’t own a decent coat or jacket in their wardrobes, which is unfortunate as premium quality coats can last for decades and are useful for a broad range of purposes. 

Coat Corner stocks over 70 000 coats and jackets! 

Here at Coat Corner, as our name suggests, we specialise in coats and jackets and we are passionate about what we do. 

We stock every kind of coat or jacket you can imagine. From full-length trench coats, short denim jackets, classic leather jackets to puffer jackets for kids, we have it all. 

Many South Africans walk to work or walk to public transport in the early mornings and evenings during the year. Even though South Africa has a mild climate, this time of day can be freezing in winter or cold and rainy in summer.

Our coats are gently used and have been imported from Europe where there is a great need for well-made jackets, whether for protection from weather climates or stylish options to wear to events and the work-place. 

These jackets and coats have been made to last and, for just a small amount of money, you could own a stylish and classic coat or jacket that will last you for many decades. 

If you live in a summer rainfall area (e.g. Gauteng or Limpopo), you will know that rain showers often come on unexpectedly and it can be frustrating and uncomfortable being caught without protection. 

A raincoat is a great solution, as you can fold it up compactly and store it in a bag or any other item that you often use. 


We are conveniently located in Kempton Park and Springs on the East Rand which is close to all the main Gauteng transport routes. Overcoats in Benoni also has a selection of coats and jackets on display for you to buy individually and each store has an amazing separated Vintage Coat section. Bulk buyers are most welcome all year round in all our shops. Our shops are modern, spacious and Covid safe and our team of overcoat sales specialists are on standby to assist you with your coat or jacket selection.

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