What are all weather jackets and coats?

Do you need a jacket or coat that is a good all-rounder? One that can serve you well and keep you warm during winter, as well as one that you can also use in the summer? If so, then an all-weather jacket and coat could be just what you need!


Here at the Overcoats Importer, we stock a wide range of high-quality all-weather jackets and coats that have been imported from Europe. We buy in massive quantities and pay low prices for each coat and we naturally pass this saving onto you, our valued customer!

This means that you can have a branded, excellent quality coat for an amazing price.


So, what exactly are all weather jackets and coats and how can they help you?


Well, firstly, as the name suggests, an all-weather coat can be used all year long. It is not too thick so it will help you to keep the chills at bay during the warmer months.


Many all-weather jackets are also waterproof. Because South Africa is mostly a summer rainfall area, this is very convenient because no one enjoys getting caught out in a rainstorm!


When used during the winter, your all-weather coat can be worn on top of your usual winter clothing to give that much-needed warmth. Because an all-weather coat is not too thick, you will not get too hot and you can remove layers as you see fit. For example, an all-weather coat is great in the cold when worn with a nice, thick, jersey and a hat and scarf. If you get too warm, you can remove the coat but it will keep you very warm, even on the coldest of nights.


Remember to think about the size when buying your all-weather coat: you don’t want one that is too small or one that fits snugly. Make sure that your all-weather jacket gives you plenty of room to wear thick jerseys and sweatshirts underneath if you want to.


When summer comes around, you can use your all-weather jacket as a raincoat whenever there is an unexpected rainstorm. Most all-weather jackets come with hoods so you can protect your head as well. Since they are lightweight, thin and unlined, you will not feel hot when you have it on.


Another excellent use for your all-weather jacket is to use it in the early mornings and in the evenings if you have to walk to and from your transport. It can often get quite chilly (even in summer) and your all-weather jacket will serve you well.


When you take off your all-weather jacket, simply fold it up neatly and place it in your bag! It is a great thing to carry around with you just in case.


Are you looking for a high-quality all-weather jacket at a great price? Why not visit the Overcoat Importer in one of our spacious stores. We have an extensive range!

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