What are the best coats to use in spring

With spring and summer only a few short weeks away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring wardrobe.


Did you know that light jackets and coats should form part of every summer wardrobe? There are many reasons for this, the main reason being that people often require a light jacket or coat when they are outdoors, especially in the early mornings and evenings, when there is a chill in the air. A light jacket will come in handy, particularly when it is spring, late summer and early autumn.


The coat or jacket that you have in your summer wardrobe differs a lot from the one you wear during the winter months. While your winter jacket is thick, insulating and very warm, your summer or spring jacket is much more lightweight and usually only has a single layer of fabric.


Here at the Overcoat Importer, we stock jackets and coats in all shapes, sizes and types, including some very stylish spring and summer jackets. All of our coats are imported directly from Europe where the standards of quality and style are extremely high.


Because we import very large volumes of high-quality coats and jackets, we have managed to negotiate very low prices for each one and we pass this huge saving directly onto you, our valued customers!


This means that you can own a European designed jacket or coat at the same cost as a jacket from a discount shop.

spring coats

What kinds of jackets and coats are suitable for the warmer months?

Well, as mentioned above, we recommend looking for one with a thinner fabric which is shorter in length. Great examples of summer and spring jackets include denim, leather all weather jackets and other cotton blend fabric coats.


These jackets are ideal to store in your bag and take along with you in case there is a sudden chill in the air. Because the fabric is thin, they are easy to neatly and compactly fold up and store in your backpack or bag. Our customers love using their summer jackets when they are walking to or from work, walking to transport, or sitting outside in the early mornings or evenings.


Your jacket can also be a beautiful fashion accessory and can be stylishly worn with smart trousers or a dress and accessorised with an elegant scarf.


If you live in an area that has a lot of summer rainfall (as is the case with Gauteng), you might want to buy a raincoat with a hood for those unexpected afternoon rainstorms. Your raincoat could also double up as a lightweight, summer jacket when you need it.


Great advantages of buying a raincoat is that it can act as a windbreaker and you also don’t have to carry an umbrella around with you. Raincoats are typically thin so you won’t feel too hot and it will provide just the right amount of insulation.


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