What coats and jackets traders should sell in the warmer months?

Do you sell coats and jackets that you have bought from Coat Corner? If not, did you know that from as little as just under R2000, you could have your very own business selling coats and jackets in both winter and summer?


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Can I still sell coats and jackets during the summer months?


A very common question that we get here at Coat Corner is, “how can I have a business selling coats in the summer as well?”.


This is a good question and the answer is a resounding yes!


Of course, you will have to change your strategy a bit in the warmer months and you may want to consider selling thinner jackets and raincoats.


South Africa is mostly a summer rainfall area and selling raincoats are a great way to make money during the summer.


As you know, South Africa experiences a lot of summer rainfall. Much of this rain comes at unexpected times, making it difficult to plan for rain showers.


You can buy a bale of raincoats and then sell them onto your customers. You will need to inform them that raincoats are better than umbrellas for many reasons.


Firstly, umbrellas are very inconvenient to carry around with you and people often lose their umbrellas on taxis, buses, etc.


With raincoats, these can be compactly folded down and kept in your handbag or pocket so that you always have protection against the rain.


Even though it is summer, there is still a place for thinner and unlined jackets.


Many South Africans leave for work early in the mornings and walk to their local transport routes. Even in summer, it can still be quite chilly early in the mornings (and also at night).


This is where a thin or unlined jacket is ideal as it provides warmth against slight chills while not being too hot when worn.


Alternatively, your customers could buy raincoats which they can use for protection against the rain and as an extra layer when it gets chilly outside.




Preparation for the colder months.


Another strategy you could use in your coat selling business is helping your customers prepare for winter. You could offer them a small discount if they buy heavy winter coats and this is a great incentive for customers to buy clothing out of season.


Jackets for the whole family.


Encouraging your clients to buy jackets for their entire family is a great way to increase sales. Since every member of the family will be exposed to the rain, it makes sense to kit everyone out!


If you would like to find out more about starting your coat business, contact Coat Corner today! Alternatively, you could visit us at one of our stores and buy your first bale immediately. Our friendly sales associates would be delighted to help you!

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