What is a Duffle coat and how to wear one?

Looking for a warm coat to wear this winter? Look no further than Coat Corner as we stock many different types of gently worn jackets and coats for the entire family!


Duffle coats are incredibly popular in both men’s and women’s fashion. This kind of coat gets its name from the material (duffle) from which it is made. Duffle is a strong, thick, and coarse woolen material that provides a lot of warmth.


Duffle coats are also easily recognisable by their trademark buttons, patch pockets, and fastening toggles that make them highly sought-after garments for the winter months. Traditionally used as standard issue garment is the military and royal navy these types have coats have now become fashion items.


When it comes to a winter coat, you want something that will look good on you, as well as keeping you warm. Coat Corner can highly recommend a duffle coat for a stylish, yet comfortable look and feel.

duffle coat

The duffle coat is considered to be a staple winter item and can transform an otherwise dull or ordinary-looking outfit into an amazingly stylish outfit. Besides, it can be worn in both an informal and a formal style and looks great when worn during the weekend or at a formal event.


Selecting the right size for your duffle coat is a little tricky because if it doesn't fit properly, it can ruin the look you are going for. A well-fitting duffle coat can make you look smart and elegant, while an ill-fitting and loose one can cause you to look silly and oversized.


At Coat Corner, we have a team of friendly and professional sales people who can give you some great advice on how to select the correct size duffle coat for your body size and shape.


If you want your duffle coat to keep you as warm as possible this winter, it should fit you snugly, but not too tightly. Remember that during the winter months, you will more than likely be wearing one or two layers underneath your coat, so we recommend wearing a jersey or sweatshirt when fitting on your duffle coat. This will ensure that the coat fits properly with what you normally wear in the winter.

duffle coat

With your duffle coat on, the shoulder seams should align perfectly with where your shoulders end. There should not be too much space between your body and the coat as the coat will then not provide you with enough warmth.


As with all coats or jackets, color matters when buying a duffle coat. To ensure that your duffle coat will be worn for several years, it is best to choose one in a neutral color, like a dark brown, tan, navy blue, or black color. These colors are timeless and have the added advantage of matching most of what you will already have in your winter wardrobe.


Finally, duffle coats can be dressed up or down with some stylish accessories, such as scarves, gloves, or hats. You can match the color of your accessories to what you are wearing underneath the coat for a well-put-together look.

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