What is a Parka and how to wear one

Looking for an amazingly warm jacket for the winter?

Here at Coat Corner, we sell a wide range of high-quality gently worn jackets and coats. When it comes to winter jackets we can highly recommend a parka for the colder months, especially if you plan on spending some time outdoors in the early mornings and evenings commuting to and from work or attending outdoor events.


Technically speaking, a parka is one of the warmest types of jackets you can buy. Unlike an anorak or shorter jacket, it is slightly longer and normally covers the top portions of your legs. Some are lined with down feathers and this insulation makes them incredibly warm so that you remain cosy, even in the coldest of temperatures.


How to choose a Parka?

When picking out a parka jacket at Coat Corner, it is important to get the sizing right. It is always a good idea to try one on before buying it to ensure that you are happy with the fit. If you are unsure about the best size for you or your family, speak to one of the friendly sales people who would be happy to help you!


A well-fitting parka should be snug around the shoulders and the main part of the jacket should lightly hug the rest of your body. When shopping for one, we recommend wearing a jersey or sweatshirt as this is what you will be likely to wear under your parka in the winter.


Take your time when choosing the perfect fitting parka because if it is too tight, you will compress the jacket’s insulation and it won’t offer as much warmth as it should.

parka jacket

On the other hand, the parka should not be too loose as this will result in too much dead space and not enough insulation. Take a look in the mirror: your parka should not only look good on you when wearing one or two layers, but it should also feel comfortable so that you can go about your normal activities.


Parkas are the ultimate winter coat and you can take advantage of this cosy winter look by either dressing it up or down. Most parkas have hoods that are lined with fake fur which are also very functional and can be used to keep your head and neck warm whenever you need it.


In terms of the colour parka you choose, stick to neutral colours, such as navy blue, black, brown, or tan. In this way, you can be sure that your parka will go with most of what you already own in your winter wardrobe.


For added warmth and style, they look amazing when paired with a matching colour scarf, hat, and gloves.


Military Style parkas are also a sought after item that you will fond in our stores.


Have a look at our website if these interest you!

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