What is the positive environmental impact of importing pre-loved jackets?

At The Overcoat Importer, we import gently-used, high-quality coats and jackets from Europe.

Most of these coats and jackets boast designer labels from many popular fashion houses in Europe and are all made according to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. The stitching, fabric and fit of the coats and jackets is impeccable, making them the ideal garments to own for several years, and a must-have in your winter wardrobe.

So, how does importing beautiful, pre-loved jackets positively impact the environment? Let’s take a look!

Fast fashion increases the need for additional landfills

Over the last decades, fast fashion has become a way of life and the fashion items bought last year will not necessarily be used the following year. This is unlike the way in which our grandparents and great-grandparents approached fashion, wearing their clothing for many years and, once finished with it, passing it on to someone who would appreciate it.

The result of this fast fashion trend is that whole wardrobes of clothing are discarded each year and most of these items end up in landfills where they take several decades to decompose, depending on the fabric.

In the worst-case scenario, if the fabric has a plastic component, it may take thousands of years to break down and this has a devastating impact on our environment.

In addition, not only do fabrics take a very long time to decompose, but if there are any synthetic components to the material, these can leak into the surrounding soil and water, and eventually cause the food and water that we consume to contain these harmful substances.

Of course, each item of clothing we have will eventually be recycled or placed in a landfill, but if we can lengthen the lifespan of our clothes and make the most of them, this plays an important role in reducing the rubbish that we see in landfills.

Although coats and jackets are traditionally items that were used by people for many years, they have now become victims of fast fashion too and are exacerbating the landfill problem.

The good news is that there has recently been a move towards rejecting fast fashion and instead opting for better quality clothing that lasts longer.

Supporting businesses that sell high quality garments helps reduce your carbon footprint

Many celebrities and trend-setters are now advocating for capsule wardrobes consisting of a few, good quality items that can easily be mixed and matched and kept in your cupboard for many years to come.

If, as consumers, we stand up for quality over quantity and we are committed to protecting our natural environment, we must put our money where our mouth is and buy only premium-quality clothing.

At The Overcoat Importer, we are passionate about preserving the earth’s natural environment and we are dedicated to doing our part to ensure that we have a sustainable world for future generations.

It is for this reason that we import our extensive range of gently-used coats and jackets.

Furthermore, buying one of our European-imported jackets means that you are making an investment in your wardrobe, as they will last you for years and you will never have to worry about keeping warm during winter again!

We stock a wide range of coats and jackets in many different styles, sizes and colours; ideal for the entire family.

Great quality coats and jackets will last you for years, if not decades…

Investing in one of The Overcoat Importer’s stunning coats or jackets means that you will have a great garment in your cupboard for many years to come!

The majority of our coats and jackets can be regarded as timeless and classic pieces.

So, if you are looking for a great winter coat that will last you, or a seasonal jacket, consider our range of coats and jackets. They are all gently-used and show minimal signs of wear and tear.

Recycling requires energy

Although recycling old clothing, paper, plastic and other goods is always a better option than throwing them into a landfill, did you know that the recycling process has a small carbon footprint as well?

This is because a lot of energy is required during the recycling process, resulting in harmful waste products.

If you consider that any item of clothing you have ever owned has undergone an extensive manufacturing process that has used a large amount of water, electricity and additional energy resources, you will understand why fast fashion is not necessarily the best way to go.

When you buy gently-used clothing, you are helping to conserve energy and to preserve the environment by reducing the need to make clothes from scratch.

Most people have heard the saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle” if they want to make a positive difference on the environment. Of course, reusing or repurposing your item is better than recycling and that is exactly what we at The Overcoat Importer do by importing our range of top-quality coats and jackets. This also satisfies the need for affordable coats and jackets for the South African market and neighbouring states.

You will save money in the long run

Although saving money does not have a direct impact on the environment, it is a great benefit to buying gently used coats and jackets.

Instead of buying yourself a new winter coat every two to three years, by buying from The Overcoat Importer, you have a premium quality item that will last you for years.

So, if you would like to have a positive impact on the planet in your own, unique way, choose to pay Overcoat Importer a visit and take a look at our range of stunningly beautiful coats and jackets. We have something for everyone and our prices are surprisingly affordable!

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