The Vintage Coat Collection consists of a selection of hand-picked exclusive coats and jackets of high quality and lasting value. Each coat is unique with timeless features and qualities that make owning it a delight. Men’s, ladies and children’s European quality imported coats.

The Overcoat Importer has been in the coat business for almost 30 years and knows the business of coats. Our staff are highly experienced in selecting the ‘vintage pieces’ as they are fondly called. They are prized items and we sometimes struggle to put them out onto the shelf as we covet them for our own wardrobes.

Our customers are discerning buyers and we are fascinated by their knowledge of the production history of individual pieces. Fabric types vary from denim to wool to cashmere to faux fur and leather to mention a few.

As fashion trends tend to repeat themselves through the ages, some are really timeless and these are the pieces we treasure and hope you will find exciting and need to add to your wardrobe. You can be assured that they are one of a kind and it is not likely that anyone else in your circle will have one the same.

We have a full range of coats and jackets on show in our Vintage Coat Collection departments found inside our 3 stores. Visit one today to pick out your timeless treasure: Overcoats Benoni: 97 Princes Avenue, Coat Corner Kempton Park: 79 Pretoria Avenue and Coat Corner Springs: 29 5th Avenue.

For more information: 078 769 3810 or


Overcoats Benoni: 97 Princes Avenue.

Coat Corner Kempton Park: 79 Pretoria Avenue.

Coat Corner Springs: 29 5th Avenue.

078 769 3810